DeJa Book.
DeJa Book.
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DeJa Book.

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DejaBook By: Haim Goldenberg
Make someone forget what the audience will always remember!!!

***. the second edition is nearly sold out ***
*** only 150 books printed ***

*** no language issue; you use only the page numbers ***

Another exclusive Bakore Magic release by Haim Goldenberg, the creator of Cryptext, Cubism, BM project and many more. 

DejaBook is a Memory Erasing effect.  
An effect brought to you directly from Haim Goldenberg’s real working repertoire. For over 25 years he performed and perfected this routine in both his live shows and on TV.

Never before released, Haim finally agreed to publish it for the first time.
The effect is a new modern and provocative approach to the Pegasus Page.  By using a book, you will make someone forget a page he selected and saw, while the audience can confirms that it was actually there! 

The Effect:

A book is presented, and a page is being selected by the spectator. 
The mentalist shows the page number to the spectator multiple times and asks him to remember it, although he is told that he will make him forget it! Instead, the mentalist is implanting a new number in the spectator’s head in a very entertaining way. When the spectator insist that he saw that page, the book is then opened and the page is torn from the book.

A full routine with many subtleties, humor and psychological jesters that will make your audience laugh and be amazed at the same time. 

What you get:
•    Full detailed instructions.
•    Special Gimmicked book that will make it all possible

•    Almost self-working routine with an amazing storyline. 
•   Fully tested and perfected into a masterpiece for over 2 decades.
•    7-10 min full stage routine
•    No setups
•    No pre-show

* If you are not yet a Bakore verified client, you will need to do a short verification process (answering 1 page PDF and uploading a quick video) This is a one-time process. You will not need to redo it in the future. 

This is your opportunity to bring a new part to your show that the spectator might forget, but the audience will always remember!

$79 + shipping & handling 

Canada $12
USA $17
International $25