DRAW - virtual drawing duplication

DRAW - virtual drawing duplication

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Bakore DRAW  By: Haim Goldenberg, Guy Bavli & Amir Lustig.


For the longest time, we have been looking for ways to perform a true picture duplication for virtual shows in the utmost clean and fast way.

It is finally here; DRAW by: Bakore MAGIC, allows you to do exactly that!

DRAW is a unique principle; a utility secret paired with a special app that will allow you to do picture duplication, as well as straightforward mind-reading with numbers, words and more.

It is easy to do, clean, fast and super effective.

Here are just few of the effects you will be able to perform with DRAW:

Picture Duplication:
Ask your spectator to draw on a piece of paper or their phone a simple image. They can also just think of a visual image in their mind.
You will then secretly draw an image on your phone.
Your drawing will match theirs!
Think of a number:
Ask your spectator to think of a number. You will think of one as well. In fact, you will write it down on your phone and place it on the table.
The second they tell you their number, you turn your phone to show you wrote exactly the same one!
Think of a word:
Ask your spectator to think of their first love, or a word from a book in their possession.
You then write something on your end.
Once their word is revealed, you turn to show you wrote exactly the same.


Use DRAW to perform the same with an erasable-looking board. We will show you how and with small DIY, you will be able to have in your hands a killer visual tool to perform any picture duplication in an incredibly visual way. (This by itself is worth ten times or more the price of the effect!)

DRAW is an app, easy to install on both IOS and ANDROID.

This is not just a trick; it is a principle that you will be able to incorporate in different ways as you feel fit.

  • Easy to do
  • Ready to perform in just few minutes.
  • Perform SOLO or with an assistant (for virtual shows only!)
  • Also possible for live performances
  • IOS or ANDROID ready!
  • You choose the look, the size, the color – all under your control
  • Including instructions, routines, performance suggestions and subtleties from Haim, Guy & Amir.
  • More ideas and features will follow…

Extra bonus:

Gain access to Bakore DRAW Facebook group where you will have discussions, updates and more ideas from the 3 Bakore dudes, as well as all other users.  (Access will be gained to users with an Order number from BakoreMAGIC.com with no additional cost)

Only: $49