EARaser By G.B
EARaser By G.B
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EARaser By G.B

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EARaser By G.B

EARASER is a unique routine that will give you a different flavor for your show.

For years, Guy produced and sold the famous Tel’s Bell by Terry Herbert. Many magicians worldwide, including Guy, performed the Bell as a magnificent gag. Tel’s Bell is considered to be one of the funniest gag props in magic, together with the breakaway wand.

For the first time, you will learn to take Tel’s Bell 2.0 (new model) and turn it into a complete act. EARASER is a fun, funny, and super interactive routine with a strong effect that makes the spectator believe you can control his/her hearing ability!

To perform this routine, you will need to own the TEL’S BELL 2.0, which is NOT INCLUDED with this purchase and sold separately here on our website!
If you already own TEL’S BELL (original or 2.0) you will be able to perform it!

Here is the basic routine:
You call a spectator on stage and explain a few facts about the human ability to hear.
You ask them permission to control their hearing.
After a series of actions and funny situations, your spectator will start hearing different sounds and confirm that their hearing is not the same. The audience will ensure that everything is normal, yet the spectator will listen otherwise. In the end, you make them lose the ability to hear high frequencies! You then quickly reverse the process so the spectator can return to their seat with full hearing abilities, just like they were at the beginning of the routine.

This is a full-blown routine that can take between 4-6 minutes and will engage the entire audience in participating and interacting.

What you will get:
A video instruction with Guy explaining and Haim interviewing and giving his thoughts as well.
You will see a complete performance of the routine.
Learn the ins and outs of the routine as well as thoughts and presentation tips.
You will learn how to turn your Tel’s Bell into a normal one that a spectator can ring at will.
You will receive the right to perform this routine in your shows!

Important note: Tel’s Bell 2.0 is NOT included with this purchase. This routine is intended for those who already own it.   You can purchase Tel’s Bell separately from BakoreMAGIC.com 

* If you are not yet a Bakore-verified client, you will need to do a short verification process (answering a 1-page questionnaire and uploading a quick video). This is a one-time process. You will not need to redo it in the future.  

Get $10 discount when you purchase EARASER + TEL’S BELL 2.0 Together! Discount will appear in your cart when you check out with BOTH items at the same time. Only from BakoreMAGIC.com