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A new way to TOUCH your audience!

For over 25 years, Guy performed his own exclusive method of PK Touches.  This method fooled both magicians and audiences alike. It is an underground method that was kept this way!

You can now perform the cleanest and most powerful Kinetic Touches routine with one big difference: No gimmicks, No electronics, and No preparation. 

Basic Effect: 

You ask a spectator to extend his/her hand toward you. 

You ask them to close their eyes and concentrate on their hand. You explain you are going to tap them, and they must remember how many times and where.

When they close their eyes, you never touch them… but in fact, you tap your own hand a few times. One on your palm, one on your finger, one on your arm, etc… 

You ask them to open their eyes. They will confirm they felt you tapped them 3 or 4 times and point at the exact locations you did. The audience, however, will confirm that you NEVER touched their hand but, in fact, you tapped your own hand in the same places and the same number of times. 

You are probably asking yourself, “what is the difference here from the classic Psychokinetic touches method you already know”?

The difference is very simple:

You will be able to perform your PK touches routine using MY TOUCH method anywhere, in nearly any situation, for 2 or 2000 people in the cleanest and most unbelievable way… and the best part is…. NO gimmicks!

You can perform this anywhere; in the jacuzzi, at the beach, first thing as you wake up in the morning, or even in the shower (well, you will need to find someone to join you there as a participant!)

It is that IMPROMPTU.

Have spectators feel you touched them on their hand, arm, face etc… 

Be ready to perform with zero preparation!

Perform a build-up to your Metal Bending effect.

Easy to perform.

Perform as part of any magic routine where you want to have a spectator feel something, but it appears that you never touched them!  What perfect build-up, just before the card changed in their hand or any other visual effect.

* If you are not yet a Bakore verified client, you will need to do a short verification process (answering a 1-page questionnaire and uploading a quick video) This is a one-time process. You will not need to redo it in the future.  

Available exclusively on and nowhere else!

Performance rights are included ONLY when purchasing the original from with an order number by Bakore MAGIC.

Now available for the professional performer.

"Guy's Versions of PK touches are at the highest levels of creation. His subtleties add spice, misdirection, and a mindblowing flair that will convince your audiences you have supernatural powers.  Guy is the real deal. Don't stop here; look up all his other work. You can thank me later."  Banachek

"Saw Guy perform his Touch routine maybe 20 years ago; he completely fooled me and fooled everybody in the audience.  This is an underground method that should stay underground. It is really good!  If you are interested in any PK touch routine, you must get this one." Ken Weber

My Touch is the simplest and most direct PK Touch you can perform!. Every single move has been studied to perfection through many years of performances. You can perform a stage and close-up routine anytime without setup!”  Luca Volpe
"Guy Bavli demonstrated My Touch at an impromptu performance at FISM this summer. People were up close, basically surrounding the performance and everyone was stunned. It looked good from every angle... I plan on using this as part of a longer Touch routine that I’m already doing. I find My Touch a welcome addition to my Touches arsenal."  Seth Kramer