SHLOBI - By Yanai Elgossi

SHLOBI - By Yanai Elgossi

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Welcome to the Ultimate Switch – SHLOBI!

This is a utility move that will come handy for both Virtual and also for Live traditional shows..

Switch any card, billet, money note or other under the nose of your spectator in the most easy, yet visual way.

Haim, Amir & Guy are welcoming Yanai Elgossi, a young brilliant magician who teaches us step by step how to perform his ingenious SHLOBI switch!

Also in the download you will learn ideas, routines, and extra moves and ways you can use SHLOBI in your performance.   

Included in the download video:

  • SHLOBI switch 1: Basic move: discussion, handling, practice.
  • MONEY SWITCH: Extra tips for bank notes switch. 
  • MONEY CHANGE: Effect with a surprise visual reveal.
  • SHLONBI 2 – An additional switch version on opening a folded note.
  • NAME ANY CARD IN THE DECK: You name any card, and this is the same card that was in FULL view!
  • NAME ANYTHING: You show a folded note, you ask spectator to name Any word,. You open the note and the word is written on it.
  • MONEY ROULETTE: A signed Bill, is inserted into an envelope, and from there you make it appear anywhere you like.
  • TWO PERSON PICTURE EFFECT – different ideas with picture and writings.
  • NOTE FORCE: Forcing a folded note out of a bowl of notes (Great for ZOOM shows, but not only!)

Important notes:

  • No extra gimmicks needed 
  • Very easy – extremely visual and natural move
  • Note hardly leaves spectator’s sight
  • Unlimited applications of use
  • Great for Close up. Stage, Pre-show. And Virtual