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It’s finally here. Bakore MAGIC brings you TOTAL, the ultimate calculator solution for your Virtual Show.

A calculator app that will change the way you can perform predictions, add a number effects and much more in the out-most clean way.

There are many effects you can do with this tool and the possibilities of routines are nearly limitless.

TOTAL is great for both Virtual and Live in Person Shows allowing you to interact with one or many members of the audience… your choice.

Let's list only few of the basic effects you can do with it.

Effect 1:
Imagine you are holding your phone’s calculator in a Zoom show and you ask a spectator to do the same. You ask him to punch personal numbers in it, and you will do the same. You ask him to put his age, and you do the same, his height, his weight, important date, or even his last 4 of his ID number. You hold your calculator towards you, and you also add numbers together with him, without you knowing his chosen numbers. You ask your spectator to total everything and show you. You then turn your calculator and show you reached the same number.

Effect 2:
You ask 2 spectators to hold their phone calculator. You ask them to each punch a personal number but not to show you (can be 3-4-5 digits or more). You also punch a number and you do not show them (You show your phone in full view with its back turn, or you place it on the table). You tell them “How amazing will it be if my number will match your numbers… or even close.”  When they turn their phone back, you show them that your number did not match any of theirs. What a bummer… In fact, it’s not even close.  But wait, you then tell them that you said it will match their numbers, together. You ask them to add each other’s number and TOTAL it. The TOTAL number will match the number you showed them originally on your calculator.

Effect 3:
You hold a prediction. You ask few members of the audience to each punch a number in their calculator. You also punch a secret number in yours. You ask them to turn the numbers and you turn yours too. You then ask them to TOTAL all numbers, and it will match your pre-written prediction.

TOTAL enables you to create many effects, from predicting a serial number of a bill which you never saw before, personal numbers, lucky numbers, forcing your designed number and more.

  • No pre-show
  • Perform solo or with an assistant (Locally or remotely)
  • IOS or Android
  • Suitable for Virtual shows or Live, in person shows
  • Easy to perform

Total is an app you will download into your phone and be able to perform with it anywhere you go.

Including video instructions with Amir, Guy & Haim

We will add new videos and updates to the app as we go, so always stay tuned for more innovation features.

And in addition, you will gain access to the BakoreTOTAL FB page for updates and tips from Amir, Haim & Guy.