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Goldenberg & Bavli
Questions that make us think…

We invite you to a personal conversation between two leading mentalists Haim & Guy, about life, passion, and mentalism. 
There are no plans, no line-up, and no goals. Instead, it is a simple, deep, and honest discussion between two old friends and their professional views on who they are, why doing what they do, and the way they think that made their carrier work.
Each prepared a few questions to ask without them knowing them in advance.
The questions are both personal, surprising, and somehow provocative, and through the answer, each learns more about themselves and each other.
No preparation
No acting
No scripts
No sensors
And… No tricks
It is simply a real heartfelt conversation about magic and life.
An actual peak behind the scenes with questions that will make you think…
There is no teaching of routines or tricks in this download, yet you will understand the process of thinking and creativity that led to their success.
Sometimes, the real secret behind your magic is the understanding of magic that creates your secrets.

What you get: Download video approximately running time 55min.
Available exclusively at BakoreMAGIC.com