CAPTURE By: Amir Lustig

CAPTURE By: Amir Lustig

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If you like to be bold and have a tool in your hand, tHat will enable you to "read people's minds" on the go... CAPTURE IS FOR YOU!

Imagine that you ask someone to draw a picture on a notepad just in front of you. You cannot see what he is drawing, but you will be able to know immediately.

Imagine that you stand with your face to the audience while someone is drawing an image behind you! You don't turn around or look, but you are able to see it immediately!

Capture is an OLD tool with a new practical design that is a true game changer! 

Practical is an understatement. 

Carry it with you and perform it anywhere you go.

It comes complete with everything you may need to perform it.

This is another exclusive!

Capture is a physical product, not a download.