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FACES By: Danys Hamel 

Introductory price.

Faces is a new and fun way to update your virtual show into a more colorful and exciting way of communicating with your audience.

Dress your spectators on zoom as you desire!

You will be able to put different masks on your volunteer screen that will integrate with his facial movement and expressions. You can change it, take it off, and put it back on with a click!
Add glasses, hats, hair, mustache, change faces, make-up, characters, and much much more!

Perfect for the virtual performer who wants to take his show to the next level.

Danys Hamel, a family magician & entertainer with over 30 years of experience, has found the perfect solution to upgrade your virtual show. FACES Now available 

Interact with your zoom spectator in a unique way and create a party feel

Choose from hundreds of masks and filters.
For virtual shows – using OBS as well as Ecamm
Intergrade it with your magic or present it as a flavor for your show
Detailed instructions on how to set it up with your OBS and operate it.
Facebook group dedicated only for those who purchase FACES from BakoreMagic.com
Perfect for Kids, Families or Adult virtual shows!

What you get:
Detailed instructional video – covering all that you need to lean
Resources to all the things you will need.
Access to FACES Facebook group – verified clients only.

If you are not yet a Bakore verified client, you will need to do a short verification process (answering 1 page PDF and uploading a quick video) This is a one-time process. You will not need to redo it in the future. 

Official & Authorized FACES, only sold on www.BakoreMAGIC.com and nowhere else! 

Bring the party on and take your virtual show to the next level.