GoldMind - TV Series

GoldMind - TV Series

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GoldMind is a 13 episode television series hosted by Haim Goldenberg

GoldMind is a treasure trove of mind-bending and heart-bending experiences.
This highly entertaining half-hour series reveals the heartfelt interaction between mentalist Haim Goldenberg and ordinary people. Each fast-paced episode features a series of extraordinary experiences, each more unbelievable than the last. Not content to merely thrill, Goldenberg transforms and inspires. He will change the way you think about the human mind.
Goldmind was nominated for two Gemini Awards (Best Reality Program and Best Director)

01 Body Language
People reveal the most intimate, even shocking things through body language. Haim helps detectives single out the liars in a police line-up, then “reads” dancers’ bodies as they portray hidden thoughts. He even shares the memories of “man’s best friend” with the dogs’ stunned owners!

02 Senses
Haim tricks people into tasting many flavours in the same regular glass of water, then uses mere touch to reveal the most emotional of experiences. All the while he sharpens his own senses, weaving them together for the final stunt when he is set loose with a rifle … blindfolded!

03 Fears & Phobias
They say: “fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” Haim uses a teddy bear to terrify the most sensible of people, then takes a group into a dungeon to see if he can calibrate their level of fear. In the end, he instigates a radio announcers worst nightmare by making him speechless!

04 Dreams
Haim penetrates the dreams of everyday people, first in a sleep lab, then in a taxi cab, and then out on the street, where with one touch, people recall their dreams, and with the next, forget them. Finally, he locks a sleeping rock-star in a prison cell, then infuses his dream with the combination code he will need to free himself.

05 Ego
How we think about ourselves influences everything, for better or worse. Haim shows a woman that, by believing in herself, she can influence how others think about her. Then he gives a group of passers-by the opportunity to pocket a small fortune in cash – if only they can see past their own egos! 

06 Gambler’s Luck
Who needs luck when Haim is around! Haim gives newlyweds the chance to win big at the casino and also predicts a winning lottery number. For the finale, he invites football star Pinball Clemons to test his luck, by putting a brand new car and a priceless trophy on the line!

07 Money & Business
Haim has two bits of financial advice: pay attention and trust your instincts! He gives teenagers the chance to earn a fortune if they follow his instructions to the letter. Then he asks a tourist to follow his instincts, even though it might mean smashing his expensive camera. Finally, he finds his way instantly to a treasure hidden away in a two thousand room hotel.

08 Mysticism
Goldenberg explores mystical phenomena with believers and skeptics alike. He plays mind games with a spiritual medium, then guesses people’s horoscopes and character traits. He uses tarot cards to “read” a hapless volunteer with astonishing precision, only to reveal that the cards are blank!

09 Memory
Haim toys with memory, wiping the CN Tower from a sketch artist’s memory as he draws the Toronto skyline. Later, he wipes out one memory, and plants another instead. A volunteer outside a grocery stores realizes that what he bought was not his own list, but a cart of items that Haim planted in his mind!

10 Relationships
Haim explores the mysterious connections between people by helping a couple feel each other without touch and by experimenting with the telepathic connection between twins. Finally he explores the idea of destiny when he predicts who will choose who at a speed-dating event.

11 Mind Over Matter
Haim demonstrates some of the most mind-blowing aspects of mentalism. He bends coins…spoons…even glass! He even stops the watches of innocent pedestrians. It all leads to the ultimate, most terrifying moment of all when Haim stops his own pulse!

12 Subliminal Messages
Haim reveals a trick-of-the-trade—sometimes “mind reading” is simply planting a thought in someone’s mind and hearing it back. Haim causes volunteers to choose the exact same route in a maze and implants intriguing subliminal messages into music. Finally, he asks a classroom of artists to paint anything they want, but they all paint the same thing!

13 Intuition – The Sixth Sense
Is intuition the sixth sense? Haim helps a volunteer to read minds. In a bookstore he asks a woman to think of a word, and then to pick a book from the shelves. When she does, the book contains the exact word - circled! Later, a woman draws an image from her childhood and then magically finds it within a balloon she picked from a thousand others.