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Nimrod Harel, one of the most successful mentalists in Israel, finally speaks. In an unprecedented move, Harel has decided to reveal three of his favorite stage and television routines; these will allow you to see how a mentalist that performs regularly for large audiences approaches the classics. Limited edition - ONLY 444 + 20 media COPIES PRINTED - Only a few left! 

‘Fire at Will’- A clean as a whistle Russian Roulette act using a staple gun. The audience sees one staple gun loaded and fired and then mixed with three other guns. Then the game begins as the volunteer chooses which staple guns will be fired until the last gun is proven to be the loaded gun. There are no notes, no pre-show, or other lowly mental magic diversions- only the guns and free choice. No Russian roulette act with staple guns being performed today even comes close to the simplicity and perfection of this routine.

BIBLE- Anyone who performs ‘Add a Number’ with a calculator must see what Harel does with this classic. How can you allow the audience to do the last calculation in their heads? How can you set the entire crowd in motion? And most importantly, how can you incorporate company values into your show? This is a must for anyone working with company clients or interested in subliminal message routine themes.

Clean Game- The end of all Bank Night routines. The volunteer hides a cheque or bill inside one of five numbered envelopes. At no point does the mentalist get near the envelopes or make eye contact with them, either before or after the cheque is put in, and yet he knows which envelope is the one with the money. There are no gimmicks of any kind. Clean, clean, clean. You will laugh out loud reading about this method. A television stage performance is attached.

Bonus: For the first time, Harel reveals the secret behind his Nail Gun Routine, which was performed by Eran Raven in ‘Phenomenon’ and gives general permission to anyone wishing to use it in their stage or television performances. This routine is utterly devoid of gimmicks and can be executed with almost all nail guns with no preparation at all. Another example of ingenuity. 

The presentation of these effects is adapted to large audiences (50-1000 people). They are practical (less than 60 seconds preparation time), untainted with any mental magic, and fit inside a suitcase. 

This is a rare opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most successful and creative mentalists alive today. A must for any professional mentalist.

Nimrod Harel is one of the busiest and most creative mentalist of the 21st century. His TV shows became HIT over more than two decades. Harel shares his top secrets in this booklet. Only a few copies left, and then NO MORE! 

Get your numbered copy of this booklet now before too late!

62 pages / color photos. 

Since this is a very rare book - first come first get till sold out.